Got scorpions? Find out how you could win $1,000

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland
By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland
By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland
By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland
By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

PHOENIX -- Scorpion season is in full swing.

The bark scorpion is one of the most common here in Arizona, and also one of the most dangerous.

One thing that makes the bark scorpion unique is its ability to climb a smooth wall, according to Bug & Weed Mart owner Jim LaBrie.

"None of the other scorpions that you would find can do that," he told 3TV's Ryan O'Donnell.

LaBrie suggested placing simple glue traps -- you can get them for 99 cents -- in the corners of your garage and main rooms, especially by openings like dog doors.

"Just leave them there. They will tell you what you've got running around your house -- inside or out," he explained.

He said you also can use a black light to find scorpions.

If you find that you have scorpions, LaBrie says there are several things you can use to take care of the problem yourself. He demonstrated a spray for the inside -- it's safe for kids and pets -- and granules that can be spread outside.

He suggests spraying six to eight times a year and granulating once a quarter.

In order to raise awareness about the potential dangers scorpions pose, as well as ways to deal with them, the owners of Bug & Weed Mart are inviting the public to enter their Creepiest Scorpion Encounter Contest for a chance to win $1,000.

"We've heard stories over the years by the thousands," he said.

Participants should submit a brief description of their creepiest scorpion encounter (250 words or less), along with an original photo or video. The photo/video can provide an up-close look at the actual scorpion, a theatrical reenactment of the encounter, or a retelling of the creepy story. Contestants are encouraged to make their entries creative and compelling.
Submissions should be emailed to The written description should be typed in the body of the email, and include a photo or video. Video should be a link, and a photo can be embedded or attached to the email.
Once the submission is received, Bug & Weed Mart will review and upload entries to Facebook and Twitter. Bug & Weed Mart will email a confirmation with the link to the social media posts. Participants are then encouraged to share with friends. The entries with the most likes/retweets will be selected as finalists.
Finalists will be reviewed by Bug & Weed Mart experts, including owners Jim and Joe LaBrie. Final winner will be announced and awarded $1,000 the week of June 30.

"We're going whole hog here," LaBrie said.
The deadline for contest submissions is midnight Wednesday, June 25.

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