3OYS: Landscaping company agrees to return $5,000

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By Christina O'Haver By Christina O'Haver

PHOENIX -- "When we found this house, we knew immediately that it was going to be perfect for us,” Becky Sherrill said.

She and her husband, John Sherrill, love their home and have been working hard to make improvements on it.

"We've been in here about a year and nine months. We moved in from Sedona," John Sherrill said. "The house needed quite a bit of work and so we've been doing work, fixing up the house ever since."

After some improvements, the Sherrills were excited for one more outdoor project, which included planting trees.

“This irrigation and landscaping is kind of the icing on the cake," John Sherrill said.

After looking for a landscaping company, they finally decided to hire Sunshine Irrigation & Light, which is owned by a man named Jonathan Anderson.

They said they felt comfortable with Anderson, so they gave him money to get started.

“He called me and said, 'I'd like to go ahead and get a deposit for half the amount, and then I can get the citrus trees and buy the hardware for the installation.' Great. He came over, gave him a check. It was cashed the next day,” John Sherrill said.

That deposit was $5,000, which is a little more than half of the total amount for the project.

However, the Sherrills said after Anderson deposited that check at the end of March, he never started the project and kept giving them excuses.

The Sherrills said some of the excuses seemed a little far-fetched.

"We get an email that he's on a sailboat trip in Mexico,” John Sherrill recalled.

“This is after getting $5,000 from us, so we're assuming he's down in Mexico spending our $5,000," Becky Sherrill added.

The couple decided to pursue Anderson through the court system, and they also contacted 3 On Your Side.

After several unsuccessful attempts to reach Anderson on the phone, we went to his address listed on documents.

When we showed up at the door asking for the business owner, a man answered. He asked if Anderson had called 3TV, and then said he did not know if Anderson was there.

We gave the man a business card and later received an email from a lawyer claiming to represent Anderson.

In the letter, the attorney stated that Anderson had agreed to refund the $5,000 deposit back to the Sherrills.

That's great news to the Sherrills, who say that's what they wanted all along.
"It's nothing personal, Jon, we just want our money back," John Sherrill said.

The Sherrills told 3 On Your Side Thursday afternoon that they have finally received their $5,000.