'Nutwhats' owner serves up sweet treats

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX  -- It's the delicious treat with a memorable name. On Monday's Good Morning Arizona, we learned some culinary secrets from the Valley woman who is behind the tantalizing treats called "Nutwhats."

Nutwhats owner Lisa Rast showed us how to make a treat that combines beer, popcorn and fudge.

"I did some online research and I kind of tweaked it myself to make a better fudge," says Lisa Rast, owner of Nutwhats. "It definitely retains the flavor of beer. And I'm not sure the beer totally evaporates out, so it may be a treat just for adults."

She melts brown sugar, sugar and cream, then adds a bottle stout beer to the pot. The mixture will foam up, and you cook it to the "magic" fudge number of 236 degrees. "A candy thermometer is a must when you make fudge," she says.

Then add butter, and bring the temperature down to 110. Then whip it until it loses its frothiness, about one to two minutes.

One you've achieved the right level of glossiness, pour it into a pan. You can decorate it with items like popcorn, pretzels or candy.

For more information on the sweet and nutty Nutwhat treats, call 1-855-NUT-WHAT or visit www.nutwhats.com.

You can buy Nutwhats at AJs or Whole Foods.

Nutwhats comes in 13 "twistedly addictive"flavors:

Nutwhats Flavors
Cinna Walnut Oat
Beer Britty
Habanero Beer
Jalapeno Beer

Nutwhats Scribbles Flavors (with chocolate)
Bacon Pecan
Peanut Pretzel
Cinna Walnut Oat
Cherry Almond
Cashew Coconut