Graffiti 101: City, police host free graffiti prevention workshop

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By Jayson Chesler By Jayson Chesler

PHOENIX -- The Phoenix Police Department is partnering with the city's Neighborhood Services Department to battle graffiti in a proactive way.

The two departments are hosting a free "Graffiti 101" workshop to inform community members about graffiti in Phoenix. Detective Tim Reese will be teaching the workshop.

Reese will discuss different types of graffiti and the reasons people spray graffiti. In addition to the discussion, the workshop will feature some more hands-on activities.

"Tonight, what we want to do is give the community a chance to come out and learn about why these individuals do what they do and what kind of punishments they can receive," Reese said.

Reese said the city of Phoenix spends millions to combat graffiti, so the workshop will also focus on how community members can help make a difference in their efforts.

While some graffiti is gang related, Reese said many taggers do graffiti for recognition or just as an attempt to be artistic. Kids can potentially start doing graffiti at young ages, so Reese urged parents to look out for signs that their child is tagging.

"A lot of times these kids will pick up notebooks and they'll start writing in their school notebooks," Reese said. "They'll start wearing hoodie sweatshirts when it's warm outside, they might have bandannas to cover their faces so they don't get caught."

The workshop is part of the City of Phoenix's Neighborhood College program and will be held at the NSD West Facility at 3325 W. Flower St. at 6p.m. tonight. Participants can register by calling 602-534-4444 or online.

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