Phoenix firefighters handle fires in triple-digit temperatures

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas

PHOENIX -- When the city of Phoenix reaches triple-digit temperatures, firefighters go into overdrive.

"It does seem like we have more fires in the summertime, but maybe it's just us thinking that," said Capt. Troy Hill of the Phoenix Fire Department.

Phoenix firefighters know how to play the game of beat the heat. Dressed in 100 pounds of gear, they tackled a fire near 12th Street and Northern Avenue on Tuesday as temperatures rose to a 2014 high of 107 degrees.

"The No. 1 thing we do is we'll start to add more resources to some of those calls so when you're driving around or you see a house fire, we might have an extra one or two engine companies there just for what we like to call manpower," Capt. Jonathan Jacobs said.

That helps the guys rotate in and out safely so they can stay healthy for their full shift. Phoenix Fire also calls in extra support.

"Basically shade area. We bring icy cold water to them, sometimes we have hoods, we have some of the fans that blow mist air on them," Jacobs said.

The fire on 12th Street was caused by a car in the garage and luckily everyone got out OK. But whenever firefighters show up to a call during the Valley's high temps, they are ready for a long fight in the heat.

"We are used to it because we do it so often so," Hill said.