Manhunt for abduction and homicide suspect continues

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By Jayson Chesler By Jayson Chesler

PHOENIX -- The hunt continues for a man police said kidnapped his son.

Reyes Holguin was already wanted for murder.

Neighbors said they saw the commotion happen at a home on the 2000 block of West Sherman.

They said they saw a woman hysterically talking to police after Holguin allegedly took off with the 7-month-old.

"She looked like she went through something because she ran out to the officer," said Daniel Acosta, who lives nearby.

Acosta said he saw all of the commotion when police arrived.

"He drove up, and I saw a lady run up and she started pointing sideways,” Acosta said. “He went that way and turned around this way. Giving him signs where he took off."

Police said Reyes Holguin took his 7-month-old baby after assaulting the baby's mother.

"You could tell she had a blood stain on her," Acosta said.

Neighbor Omar Oliver said he was fixing a van in his drive way when Holguin took off.

"He sped off that way and then turned around this way,” said Oliver, motioning.

Acosta said police had this neighborhood blocked off.

"They were walking around the whole park flashing their flashlights to see if they see any evidence around," Acosta said.

Police said they looked for Holguin and the baby all night, and Tuesday morning the baby was found safe and sound with family.

"That’s good that he came back home nice and safe," Acosta said.

Mirna Ramirez said she’s lived in this neighborhood for 30 years.

"I've never heard of something like this happening around here in this neighborhood, and I don't know them but I feel so sorry for what happened; I'm very glad that the boy is back with his family," Ramirez said.

Police said they were very concerned for the baby's safety because Holguin has a history of violence.

He is also wanted for a homicide that happened in April on the 1500 block of East Pierce.
Police said if you know where Holguin could be call Phoenix police or Silent Witness.

He was last seen driving a white Nissan Altima.