Police surprise boy with new bike

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By Jayson Chesler By Jayson Chesler

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- A Valley boy victimized by a bike thief takes action so it doesn't happen to anyone else in his neighborhood.

Jaedon Gonzalez, 11 had his bike stolen from his Glendale apartment complex last month.

"I felt really, really angry," Jaedon said.

His family reported the theft to police but Jaedon decided that wasn't enough, so he also wrote them a letter.

"I wrote it to the police department and it said that I didn't want it to happen to another kid or a person," he said.

Glendale Police said it certainly caught their attention.

"He actually came up with an action plan for us, he wanted to have additional patrols in the neighborhood and so that's not the norm for us from an 11-year-old," said Glendale Police Officer Andy Lynes.

Officers were so impressed by the selflessness displayed in the letter, they wanted to help Jaedon out.

With the help of some community partners they were able to get Jaedon a new bike and lock, which they surprised him with Tuesday.

"I like the spokes and everything and the pedals, I like everything," Jaedon said.

The department's efforts did not end there though, they put some of Jaedon's action plan into action.

3TV crews saw an officer patrolling the area Tuesday afternoon.

Officer Lynes said what Jaedon did is a good example of what they would like to see from all community members. That is, taking an active approach and partnering up with police to address crime in their neighborhoods.

For now, at least, Jaedon said he might be keeping his new set of wheels inside.