"Honoring Dad on Father's Day"

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Mom Squad - "Honoring Dad on Father's Day"

Author: Laura

Because of the time of year, we usually spend Father's Day in a pool and having a barbecue.
As a child, my Dad always wanted to be home with all of us having pool/bbque time. Troy is the same way.
They are both such giving family men, so the trick is to buy them something that they can selfishly enjoy for a change. Last year we gave Troy some custom chaps. He likes to go horseback riding and would never spend the money for those on himself.
My Dad's favorite gift from us was a joint gift from my sister and I, plus our families. It's a framed poster of the movie "Casino", signed by Robert Deniro, Joe Pesci and Sharon Stone. He treasures it and has it proudly displayed on the wall in my parents' family room.
Troy and his Dad typically ask for Home Depot gift cards, as they are very handy and like to build things.
This year we're giving Troy a new stereo system for his truck. He tends to use giftcards or anything given to him for our family, so the stereo will feel like a real indulgence. My Dad typically likes his favorite aged Scotch or nice cigars. We will give my father-in-law, Bill, a Home Depot giftcard. He asks for only those and then accumulates them and goes to buy himself expensive tools.
One year I planned ahead and took the boys to a pottery painting place where we made a barbeque platter for each of the Dads, complete with hand prints and the saying, " Our dad is the best....hands down". ( I have a pic on my Iphone that I could send).
We will likely have a barbeque/pool party at our house in honor of the Dads, salute with a toast to the Gpas and Dad's that are in Heaven, and then lavish the Dad's with homemade cards and a big flag cake with sparklers on top.

Author: Krissy

Our usual fathers day activity is just to hang out together! Swim, BBQ, hang out with the family. Most recently we were able to bring my husbands side of the family into it and have a great big family BBQ!
We like to give small gifts. I like to give movies on DVD that I know the men folk will like as well as hand made cards with drawings from the kids.  One year I gave all of the Dads a fancy pocket knife. That was a popular, manly style gift.
Dorian says his favorite gifts are the home made ones that take time to create rather than cost money to buy.

Author: Marti

When the kids were young we always had the family at our house, ours was the biggest.
They day would start with church and then home.  Mitch got special treatment.  The kids always had a special play they were make up.  One of our sons love to organize them.  Things like a fashion show with socks.  Mitch loved these and so did the rest of the family.  It just brought a lot of laughs. Most of the gifts were cards they would do for him. He was happy for all of us just to relax on his day.
I think if Mitch would have any advice he would say for all of us  "No fuss just fun."