High school students 'prank it forward' for a good cause

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

SAN TAN VALLEY, Ariz. -- It's a time-honored tradition for high school students to pull off a senior prank. Well, members of one senior class decided to use their "prank" to help someone else.

Around this time last year, the senior class at Combs High School in San Tan Valley made news as a result of "senior prank." It was a cafeteria food fight that left a handful of students suspended and banned from participating in their graduation ceremony.

This year, the senior class was committed to "changing the culture" at Combs High School. Their final act in effort to do so was to do something positive in the community instead of participating in a stereotypical senior prank.

"Instead of doing a prank like any other high school, we decided that we should do something good for someone and that's when we came up with 'prank it forward,'" says student Hailey Wilt.

So, the students came up with their "prank it forward" plan.  In 15 days, they pulled together $510 in donations from their classmates, and surprised a local Olive Garden waiter with the money as a tip on behalf of the their graduating class.

The waiter was nominated by a student who works with him and was selected by the students because he is currently battling some health issues.

"He kept saying thank you, thank you, thank you," smiles senior Sarah Kendall. "It was amazing. It was so great to watch."

The principal says she is very proud of the students. "It's an extraordinary act of kindness not normally seen from teenagers these days, but also one of respect," says Principal Brenda Mayberry. "These kids want their school to be remembered for something honorable, not for being the best at being bad."