"Summer Learning Activities"

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Mom Squad - "Summer Learning Activities"

Author: Beth

What do/did your kids do to keep up their skills while school is out? Honestly, the only thing they really do that’s educational during the summer is reading! They all love to read, so they will be reading all summer long.

How do you keep them engaged in learning during the summer? We don’t really do anything educationally, to be honest, but we do try to keep somewhat of a schedule in place over the summer. We try to get them in bed by 10:00 each night and try not to let them sleep all day. It’s insane how late they will stay up if bedtime goes unchecked.

Any activities, camps, products that your kids love/loved? Well, we have season passes for Wet n Wild since we don’t have a pool yet, so that’s always a fun activity for them. Other than that, it’s the typical mall stuff for the girls and the boys love to go to the library.