What makes a true friend.

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"Awakener"; "Fear liberator"; "Sparkplug". What does the Unites States Olympic Gymnastics Team, Scott Baio, and the Charm School girls have in common? Doc Ali! Dr. Alison Arnold is internationally known as a fear liberator. Be it the US Olympic GymnasticsTeam, United States Figure Skating, Woman President’s Organization, American Express, the Boeing Company or reality shows like Scott Baio is 45…and Single, Charm School, and Bad Girls Club, “Doc Ali” helps people and organizations “take off ” limiting beliefs, and “scream” their greatness.  Her intense, in your face style has disarmed many people as well as stuck patterns.  Doc Ali’s intensive weekends, seminars, and individual Boot Camps have led participants to say things such as, “I stood in the face of my fear, kicked it in the ass, and didn’t look back.”  Doc Ali, a dynamic 5’0 powerhouse, teaches “Nothing external is stopping you from living the life you were born to live. Liberation is an inside job. Stuck in a job, relationship, or self defeating pattern? Afraid to break out of a comfort zone? You’re lying to yourself. Step out of fear and into your greatness.”