Grads & Dad's Day Gift Ideas

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Grads & Dad's Day Gift Ideas
by:  Rachel Harris,

Tis' the season for graduation and soon Father's Day shopping, so if you need some gift ideas, take a look at what I found.  Graduations are happening now and Dad's Day is on Sunday, June 15th.

For The Grad

*Dorm In A Box -- ($99 for a box of 30 items & a variety of other package gift sets at lower prices, too at -- This is such a cool gift idea.   Go to and select a gift from a variety of package items that include things like towels, hangers, pillows, organizing materials and more.  Themes can be selected like the Bathroom Box or Kitchen Box.  To see the box of 30 items that I showed, watch the segment.  I also like that Dorm-In-A-Box is a family owned company and that they have contributed over $40,000 to help fund university causes, research, social and environmental groups.

*Diamond Candle -- ($24.95 at -- This is truly a unique gift because every Diamond Candle comes with a surprise ring inside (valued at $10, $100, $1,000, or $5,000!) that can be worn for years to come.   I also like that the candles are made of 100% soy that is eco-friendly and natural.  And the ring reveal is a pretty cool extra bonus feature for sure!  Cool candle scents include Hawaiian Coconut, Cinnamon Tea, Pomegranate Lemonade and many more. 

*Hallmark One-of-a-Kind Creations 2014 Magnet Frame -- ($24.95 at area Hallmark stores) -- Get this cool frame that is shaped like 2014 at a Hallmark store and then personalize the gift online by uploading up to three photos to Shutterfly.  Shutterfly then shapes the photo to fit the frame and ships it for free with an estimated 5 to 7 day delivery period.  Cool photo idea!

*Money Duck Soap Bar -- ($12.95 at Hallmark stores) -- Since all graduates probably need money and most can benefit from home items, give this fun duck shaped bar of soap with a bathroom set because this soap bar contains real money in either $1, $5, $10, $20 or $50 increments.  Maybe your graduate will get lucky and uncover a $50 bill!

*Reach for the Stars book -- ($9.95 at Hallmark stores) -- This cool book is filled with words of wisdom like "now is the time" and "you're a winner....not because you never lose, but because you are always willing to give it a try" and the message on each page is unique and meaningful.

*Tego Audio Cera Portable Wireless Portable Speakers -- ($89.99 per speaker or get a 3-pack for $199.99 at -- These cool portable speakers are compatible with most Bluetooth devices like the iPhone and iPad.  They also have a illuminated touch control panel and can stream audio from 30 feet away.  Plus they come in an attractive colors that include red, black and white.  Great gift for a graduate who is moving to new digs.

*Prosperity Candle -- (I showed the Kaleidoscope Rice Bowl model that sells for $24 and the Splash Recycled Glass Bowl candle that sells for $28 both at -- For the giving graduate, consider the Prosperity Candle that is a line of beautiful handmade soy based candles that are manufactured by female entrepreneurs in and from distressed regions of the globe.  The Kaleidoscope Rice Bowl candle comes in four colors and Prosperity Candles also have other styles and gift sets that include nice soaps and bath products, too. 
Once the candle inside is finished, the container can be cleaned and re-used as a beautiful storage tin.  I also showed the Prosperity Splash Recycled Glass Bowl candle that is made from 99% recycled glass, so your graduate can receive a green gift as well. Prosperity Candles work with women who are from distressed parts of the world and they have survived conflict or natural disaster. They are now rebuilding their lives. They come from places that include Burma, Haiti, Rwanda, Iraq and Afghanistan. These women make the beautiful candles and other gifts.  The money they earn through Prosperity Candle helps them invest in education, health care and food for their children.  So this is truly a gift that gives back.  Plus these candles are nice for a home decor gift for a graduate who may be moving to a new home.  Your recipient can even connect with the woman who made the candle.  The website has a connect page where you can read her bio, see her picture and send her a message directly. This is such a cool gift that gives back. 

* Black+Decker Fusion Blade --  ($49.99 at Target) -- Help the graduate in your life transition into life after college with this affordable appliance that will encourage them to lead a healthier lifestyle in their first home after school. Not only will they be able to make smoothies or drinks for a group of friends, but they can also take it on the go with the individual smoothie jar.

For Dad

*Happy Hour TimePieces -- ($99.99 at --- This is a fun idea.  The Happy Hour Timepieces line is a unique selection of men’s watches that feature a bottle-opener in the buckle, since it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere, as the country song says.  The bottle opener is extremely discreet, and the timepieces are classic and traditional, making it the perfect weekend timepiece, that is also waterproof. 

*Rabbit Electra Wine Tool Kit -- ($50 at and on -- Pair this cool tool with a bottle of wine and you have the perfect gift for the wine lover on your list.  The new Rabbit Electra Wine Tool kit combines a premium Electric Corkscrew with a polished chrome Foil Cutter and the Rabbit Wine Preserving Stopper. They are all displayed and stored in a nice gift kit.

*OKB Barbeque Sauce Gift Kit -- ($28 at -- I love this barbeque sauce because it is a local line and I love to support local mom and pop businesses.  Plus it is also a family recipe that has been kept secret for over 100 years from the owner's Kentucky roots.  It is very tasty and the gift box comes with the sauce, a high quality oven mitt and a sharp red apron.

*Dad's Remote Programming That Makes Dad Laugh -- ($14.95 or $9.95 with purchase of approved additional item at Hallmark stores) -- This fun toy remote is made just for Dad with buttons like the "Empty House" that sings "Hallelujah" or the "Me Time" button that has a toilet flushing sound. A funny gag gift for the Dad with a sense of humor.

*Hype Active Sport Bluetooth Earbuds -- ($39.99 at Walgreens) -- For the Dad (this works for a grad gift, too) that desires lightweight earbuds that aren't tethered to their smart phone or tablet, this is a cool gift idea.  With Bluetooth technology, this works with iPhone, Android and more. 

*The Coolest Dad Magnetic Bottle Opener -- ($9.95 at Hallmark stores) -- Get Dad his favorite 6-pack of beer and pair it with this cool bottle opener that spells out "The Coolest Dad" and it is magnetic, so it can be easily stored on the fridge.

*The Gift of A Break, Man! book money/gift card holder -- ($7.95 at Walgreens) -- This cute book is a fun idea because it contains a gift card holder on the very last page that he finds after he reads humorous tidbits about the kind of break that he may want to take to celebrate Dad's Day.  The book suggests taking a coffee break or a gym break or a music break and more.  Cute and unique with a gift card insert that can treat him to the break that he selects.

*My Dad Loves Me book by Marianne Richmond
-- ($7.95 at Target) -- If you need to select a cute gift from babies and little children to give to Dad, check out this sweet book that lists page by page what Dad does for his kids like the page with two upside down monkeys swinging with the words, "My Dad swings with me" or the page that shows a baby elephant walking with a father elephant with the words, "my Dad walks with me" which is kid and Dad friendly to read together.

What cool grad and Dad gift ideas do you have in mind? Share your ideas in the comments section and be sure to check out my blog at for more gift ideas, recipes, beauty news and more.