Man defends brother who tossed child into pool

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PHOENIX -- A dad who allegedly tossed his daughter into a pool to teach her a lesson is getting some help. His brother is now coming to his defense.

Police said Corey McCarthy is charged with child abuse because he overly disciplined his own child in anger.

McCarthy's family said he knows what he did was wrong, but he shouldn't be in jail.

"Corey told me he realizes what he did, he didn't mean to do it to that extent, that he was trying to teach her water safety, but which I told him, 'In that video, Bro, that's not water safety, you could have went about that a different way," D.J. McCarthy said.

"I had heard him speak over the phone on speaker crying and he admitted to D.J. that what he did was wrong and that he was sorry for it," said Corey McCarthy's friend, Anna Rosales.

Rosales and D.J. McCarthy had been helping care for Mia, the 23-month-old in the video, just prior to the incident at the end of April.

"The person I know, Corey's always been loving towards his kids," Rosales said.

Both agree something snapped that day, but believe Mia's mom, Samantha, should have never gone on TV or called the police.

"I didn't know who I was dealing with at the time and I was angry," she said.

"I'm not denying that he did wrong, he did wrong, but for her just to blast him on TV like that was just ridiculous," McCarthy said. "He was already in jail, he was already charged. I think she just wanted 15 minutes of fame. She's a deadbeat mom."

They say the little girl was most often with her dad, who is now in jail charged with two counts of child abuse. They say he's already been beaten up twice.

"He knows what he did, he knows he's ashamed, it's just hard seeing my little brother in jail," McCarthy said.

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