Aunt says toddler tossed in pool is happy

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By Christina O'Haver By Christina O'Haver

PHOENIX -- A parent is in jail and now the family of a toddler tossed in a pool as punishment is setting the record straight.

Family members of 23-month-old Mia want people to know she is well taken care of by her aunt and mother, who have custody.

They said the father, who was arrested, has never been a big part of Mia’s life and was essentially just baby-sitting his daughter on the day of the pool incident.

A surveillance video from late April shows Corey McCarthy heaving Mia into a central Phoenix pool. He allegedly tossed the toddler into the water as punishment for her dropping a puppy into the pool.

Mia's aunt, Kaitlyn Smith, said the family took the toddler to the hospital as soon as they found out about the incident, and Mia is physically fine. Emotionally, she is recovering.

"It was scary at first because you want to think she's never going to have to remember that; she was too young," Smith said. "We're never going to know until she's able to tell us, but for now she's showing no signs, so that's good.”

Smith said Mia was initially was scared to take baths or showers.

“What happened was horrible and thank God Corey got exactly what he deserved, but Mia doesn't have to relive that," she said.

At last check, McCarthy is in jail on felony child abuse charges.