Students, parents angry about yearbook errors

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman
By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman
By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman
By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman
By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

PHOENIX -- Students and parents are not happy with the 2014 yearbook for Barry Goldwater High School. That's because the yearbook has many mistakes.

"We were really disappointed with kind of the quality of it this year," said senior Teresa Martinez. "There were a whole bunch of typos and I had a friend who had her name seven times in the yearbook and every single time it was misspelled."

The spine reads 2013 when it should say 2013-2014. There are multiple misspelled names and words. For example, "Memorable" is spelled "Memorible" on one page and "Principal" is spelled "Principle."

In another glaring error, there is a picture of a student covered with print.

"I thought it was a little bit irresponsible that they didn't at least proofread everything to make sure that it was right," said Martinez.

"You have your child's name back here and it's supposed to list the pages where your child's name is. When you go up here your child's not on that page," said parent Norma Quinn. "A lot of the kids have single parents or parents of a lower income and they paid for these books."

The books cost $60 to $70.

Quinn and others want a complete reprint of the yearbook but the Deer Valley Unified School District and Grads Photography, the company that printed the yearbook, issued statements apologizing and offering stickers to cover up mistakes.

"That's not acceptable. We want a true product. Not a haphazard product," said Quinn.

"There's a lot of mistakes in it. They left kids out completely, including seniors, just forgot their picture in the yearbook." said student Ashtyn Dial. "I'm just really sad that you know that it wasn't good for senior year."

A district official said the school will be keeping about $6,000 that was supposed to be paid to Grads Photography.


"We would like to sincerely apologize for the issues concerning the yearbook this year. We recognize that you purchased a yearbook and your purchase is a valuable investment in the continuation of the yearbook program. The yearbook staff spent countless hours putting the yearbook together and we humbly ask for your forgiveness and understanding and not direct blame and criticism toward the school. While we try to make every effort to ensure perfection, unfortunately, some mistakes were made. For that, we are truly sorry. Thank you for your time and understanding with this situation, please continue to support the yearbook and it's dedicated staff."


UPDATE (Friday, May 16, 2014):

Click here for information on the rebate/refund process

Dear BGHS Students,

Thank you for your patience and understanding regarding the 2014 Barry Goldwater High School yearbook.  We want you to know that for the past week, we have been working to identify options in order to try and rectify the issues surrounding this publication.  Please understand that your yearbook staff has put in countless hours of dedication to produce the highest quality yearbook possible.  They have an impeccable track record that includes several recognitions and awards for their work.  They are devastated by this unfortunate turn of events.

First and foremost, your satisfaction is paramount.  While there are some areas we cannot control, such as the printing company providing new books, we feel compelled to try and make things “right.”

Each student has been presented with peel and stick “labels” to correct the year on the spine and the picture at the bottom of page 186. An apology letter written by the printing company’s CEO was also provided.
Students also have the following options:

1. A $20 rebate for the 2014 yearbook provided by BGHS & Grad’s Photography.
2. A full refund of the purchase price, if you wish to return your 2014 yearbook.

These options are offered until the end of the day on Friday, May 30, 2014.

It is important for us to extend our hand to each of you in hopes that this small gesture will help to regain your trust and begin to re-build your confidence in our yearbook.  Once again, thank you for allowing us to offer this token of our appreciation.  We look forward to continuing our journey together to build a culture of two colors, one voice!

Mike Andersen, Ed.D.