Air conditioner stolen from South Phoenix church

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas
By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas
By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas
By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas

PHOENIX – Vandals stole an air-conditioning unit from a South Phoenix church over the weekend and it wasn't the first time.

Pastor Paul Abram said thieves cut the padlock to get into the enclosed area at Pointbreak Baptist Church near Southern Avenue and 13th Street.

Church staff and parishioners are wondering why someone would take the unit.

"This is a church. Who is going to take from a church?" Abram said. "This is, for the most part, an economically challenged neighborhood. This church tries to feed the poor. In the past, tried to do some things for the community."

"I thought it was terrible because people in church, trying to serve the Lord and doing the best they can, and then nothing but the devil shows up and takes it," church member Leatrice Fears said.

Abram said this was the second time in the last three years that someone has stolen the church's AC unit.

"It's not a rich church, but I mean even the wealthiest church can't afford to lose an air-conditioning unit that is $6,000," he said.

The small church does have insurance, but more than that, they say they have their faith.

"I was really hurt, but as my sermon went on this morning, we prayed for forgiveness, we asked for forgiveness on those who took it," Abram said.

"Anybody out there that's responsible, whoever it is, would you please bring our air-condition unit back? We would appreciate it and we will hold no grudge," Fears said.