Going to a wedding? How to save on the cost of being a wedding guest!

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Going to a wedding? How to save on the cost of being a wedding guest!

The birds are chirping and church bells are ringing, which can only mean that wedding season is upon us. For friends and families of the lovebirds, the wedding costs average around $700 per wedding just to attend as guests, according to a new American Express study. Here with tips on how guests can maximize their savings and still enjoy all the festivities is savings expert from PromotionalCodes.com, Regina Novickis.
Finding a Place to Stay: There is not much that can be done about gas or flight prices, so it is important to look for less expensive alternatives for when you finally make it to your destination. Although it is more convenient to stay at the hotel the bride and groom reserved rooms at, it also may be over budget. Look for hotels that are in the general area but are more cost effective.  Expedia is a great place to start your search. Right now, you can find offers of $25 off hotel stays of $100 or more; and another great option is to use their unpublished rates. You won’t know the name of the hotel until after you book, but you can search by area and star rating and generally the savings are about 20-30% off the rate if you booked knowing the name of the hotel. 

Pick and Choose: If staying in a hotel for multiple nights is just out of the question, only come for the main events to cut down on the number of nights away from home. This will also cut back on other expenses such as food/drinks, rental car prices, and gas. You could also try staying with local friends or family and carpool to cut the total cost even more.

Early Bird Gets the Worm: Purchasing a gift for the new couple can cost anywhere from $75 to $200, so it is very important to plan early for this expense. Go through the registry once it is announced and purchase a gift because as the wedding gets closer, the list will be over-picked and the most expensive gifts will be left. Check sites like www.PromotionalCodes.com, who have discounts to major retailers like Macy's, before purchasing from the gift registry. Planning to purchase as a group with other friends can also save a large sum of money. You can stretch the savings by purchasing a discounted gift card online to the merchant from which you plan to shop; then use that as your currency to buy the gift, of course using promotional codes to save even more.

From the Heart: If the gifts on the registry are too expensive, go for a homemade gift that will come from the heart and may be something that the couple would not have thought of before. If you have a special skill such as cake-baking, photography or makeup, make an offer to the couple to gift them with your services.

Dress the Part: Instead of buying a new outfit for every event this year, try to get neutral accessories so that they can be used with different outfits. Sites like www.Ebay.com are a great place to start for jewlery! If you do need a new outfit, the ability to rent expensive items for a few days from sites such as Rent The Runway for women and The Black Tux for men, is a great alternative to buying brand new clothes for every event. If you are in the market to buy, Bloomingdale’s has great sales on their dresses, often up to 75% off.

Universal Closet: If you are worried about spending extra money, check what is around the house first or with friends. It could save a few hundreds depending on the formality and frequency of events you have to attend this season.