Gay Mesa man's Nintendo protest goes viral worldwide

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By Christina O'Haver By Christina O'Haver

MESA, Ariz. -- A 23-year-old Mesa man's movement to get Nintendo to include gay couples in its games has gone viral.

Tye Marini is a lifelong "gamer" and is looking forward to a new game coming out in June called Tomodachi Life. It allows users to create an avatar called a "Mii" and live in a virtual world.

Much of the game revolves around relationships. The Miis date, get married, have kids, and travel as a family, but Nintendo's game does not allow gay couples.

"Nintendo is alienating a whole group of people by omitting same-sex relationships," Marini says in an online video he used to launch what he calls a "Miiquality" movement.

Comments on Marini's Facebook account range from one man saying he "supports Miiquality 100 percent," to another woman calling it, "gay agenda crap."

Marini began his protest two weeks ago from his Mesa apartment, and this week it is in news publications worldwide.

Nintendo released a statement, saying the company is "not trying to provide social commentary" in the release of the game.

"But it's about more than just the game," Marini told 3TV.

Some people online question his protest.

"Get real and get a job! There are far greater concerns in the world than something you can or can't do in a video game," one man posted.

"He's right. There are far greater concerns and this is only a game, but it's still something that should be addressed," Marini responded.

"I'm asking Nintendo to acknowledge they have a sizable LGBT audience and by excluding same-sex relationships in a game that's focused around relationships like this one, they're really excluding a lot of people," he added.

Marini is not asking for a boycott, but rather for his supporters to continue pressuring Nintendo to include gay couples in future versions of the new game.