Getting Crafty with Kyle and Her Mom!

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Getting Crafty with Kyle and Her Mom!

Kyle and her mom, Susie Lynch, have some tips and tricks to get your arts and crafts in action!!!  Your basic art/craft tool box is only a few steps away!! Below is a list of the essential items you will need to start your water color adventure… or your next crafting project!

Start with inspiration…a photo or idea of some sort, this will be your vision of your project and it will help navigate you through it.

If you are wanting to create a watercolor masterpiece:
-Get some good watercolor paints, it’s best to put them into a pallete so you can mix colors if needed… a little bit of water color paint goes a long way.
-A high quality paper is important…because you mix the paint with water your paper can tend to bend and stretch…the easiest way to keep your painting flat is to get a pad of nice paper that is bound together.
-You don’t want to skimp on the brushes…these are the most important tools when creating your piece and will decide the brush stroke and size…more importantly a nicer paint brush will last you a lot longer so it will end up saving you time and trips to the craft store!
-Sketch out whatever you may create before painting with pencil…invest in a gummy eraser, they are higher quality and will leave less marks when you make a boo boo
-Finally, having a nice sponge can be handy to soak any excess water on your canvass or to create some interesting texture!

There are so many great techniques you can use but those are just the basics…if you want to get fancy experiment with saran wrap or even salt!!!

For your basic craft toolbox:
-Make sure you have an object to transform… your inspiration will make this obivious
-Get yourself a glue gun!  They work on almost anything and are a quick and easy way to pull a craft together!
-Embellishments like ribbon, florals, bling, etc are great to have around, many can be used on several crafts not just one
-GET GOOD SCISSORS!  Just as a great knife helps you in the kitchen, good sharp quality scissors will help you be precise and quick with your crafts!
-If your craft is a gift, personalize it! You can do so with a nice paint pen or stickers that are letters… it adds a nice touch to your heartfelt homemade gift (if your craft is a gift of course)

Your creativity can take you to the limits with your crafting but these (again) are just the basics every crafter should have around!  That way you can whip up almost anything without having to leave your house.