Mothers DayWhat Moms Really Want"

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Mom Squad - “Mother’s Day…What Moms Really Want"

Author: Leslie

My ideal Mother's Day would be spending the day before at the spa, maybe spend the night at a resort. Have my family pick me up and attend church and favorite dinner spot. My most memorable gifts are when my kids write me meaningful letters expressing their love and appreciation.

Author: Laura

My favorite way to spend Mother's Day is being pampered by my boys and my husband. I love waking up to breakfast being made, flowers and homemade cards from my boys. I have cherished the pedicures and manicures they have given me as a Mother's Day gift and want to slow down the clock when they ask to brush my hair for me as we watch cartoons on Mother's Day morning. We've often hosted a brunch here for both of our Moms and sisters and exchanged heartfelt and girly gifts. My nephews always have special items for me, as my boys do for their Aunties. We always toast to the Mothers/Grandmothers/Aunts in our family who have taught us so much, and are with us in spirit.
I always appreciate when Troy has taken the boys out shopping before that Sunday, to secretly buy me gifts. Seeing everyone's excitement about the gift that they picked out is a beautiful thing.