New complaint filed in case of ASU student Jack Culolias

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

TEMPE, Ariz. -- A year and a half after Arizona State University freshman Jack Culolias died after leaving a fraternity event, his mother is targeting Sigma Alpha Epsilon and individual fraternity members in a complaint just filed in Maricopa County Superior Court.

The complaint filed by Grace Culolias alleges wrongful death, negligence and gross negligence, and it demands a jury trial.

On Nov. 30, 2012, Jack Culolias, 19, attended an SAE fraternity event at the former restaurant bar Cadillac Ranch. He was even captured on surveillance ordering drinks from the bar. However, later that night, the visibly intoxicated teen was asked to leave the bar and apparently left the restaurant alone. He was eventually found dead in Tempe Town Lake, following a weeks-long search.

While questions remain about how Culolias ended up in the water, the new complaint alleges older frat brothers knew Culolias had been kicked out of Cadillac Ranch and did nothing to help or ensure he got home safely and "did nothing to prevent injury to Jack while inside or outside the bar."

The complaint also alleges older frat brothers and pledge educators were aware of the large amounts of alcohol being consumed by underage pledges and did not intervene or object.

The complaint also points to past alcohol violations in years prior and claims the Arizona Beta Chapter’s adviser “disregarded warnings and sanctions and continued engaging in unfettered conduct that facilitated the acquisition and consumption of alcohol” by minors.

ASU’s SAE chapter was banned from campus in June 2013 following another alcohol-related incident involving members.

In Culolias’ case, the complaint states “defendants conduct was so outrageous that it goes beyond simple negligence and is aggravated negligence.”

Part of the complaint reads: “The wrongful conduct of Defendants, and each of them, constitutes negligence, gross negligence, wanton, willful and malicious conduct. Defendants, and each of them, acted or failed to act when each knew or should have know that the conduct created an unreasonable risk of harm to Jack Culolias, and a high probability that substantial harm would result.”

3TV has reached out to a spokesperson for Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity, as well as individual fraternity members but has not yet received comment.