Explosion at Avondale home caused by hashish oil production

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman
By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman
By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman
By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman
By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

AVONDALE, Ariz. -- The 3 people injured in an explosion at an Avondale home on Sunday morning were attempting to produce hashish oil from marijuana, according to Sgt. Brandon Busse with the Avondale Police Dept.

The process called for the use of butane. While the suspects were using the butane, one of them entered the garage and either lit a cigarette or was smoking a cigarette which ultimately caused a flash fire and explosion.

The blast caused the garage door to detach from the residence and land on the sidewalk in front of the residence.

There were five other occupants inside of the home at the time of the explosion which included four children who were not injured.

Child Protective Services arrived on scene and took temporary custody of the children.

Police have not released the names of the suspects.

They are facing charges of arson of an occupied structure, possession of marijuana, and endangerment. 


3 people injured in explosion at Avondale home

AVONDALE, Ariz. -- Three people were injured in an explosion at a home in Avondale early Sunday morning.

It happened at about 1 a.m. in a neighborhood near Interstate 10 and Dysart Road.

The force of the blast blew the garage door off the home and into the driveway.

Emergency responders at the scene said the victims had severe burns to their faces and arms.

"I do not know to what degree the burns were. I do know they were serious enough to be transported to the Maricopa County Burn Unit for further treatment," said Sgt. Bill Rademacher with the Avondale Police Dept. "We do know that they were not life-threatening."

Investigators have not figured out yet what caused the explosion.

"We do know that the adult female that walked into the garage either had a lit cigarette or lit a cigarette which was the ignition source," said Sgt. Rademacher. "We've just not figured out what the flammable material was at this point."

The explosion did not lead to a major fire.

"It was more of what they call a flash fire. Once the flammable substance ignited and caused flame which caused the injuries to the victims there was no other source of that flammable material so there was no continuous fire," Sgt. Rademacher said.

There were no evacuations and no other homes were damaged. Police were still on scene at 7 a.m.

"The fire department was out here with us and they deemed the area safe. We also had hazmat teams come out and go through the garage and the house and just make sure there were no hazardous materials in there that would be hazardous to our officers as we conducted are investigation," explained Sgt. Rademacher.