Teen drowns in backyard swimming pool

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman
By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

PHOENIX -- A 17-year-old girl drowned in a backyard swimming pool during a party Saturday night, according to Officer James Holmes with the Phoenix Police Department.

It happened in a neighborhood near 43rd and Missouri avenues.

Angeline Davis was attending the party with her 13-year-old brother along with approximately 20 to 30 other people.

The brother said he saw his sister in the shallow end of the pool when he got out of the water.

The brother had not seen his sister for approximately 15 minutes when another partygoer said that he felt something at the bottom of the pool.

"There was people in the pool and a girl was in the pool that didn't know how to swim and nobody knew she didn't know how to swim," said witness Diamond King. "She didn't tell nobody she didn't know how to swim and then like I guess she got in the pool and then she started drowning I guess and nobody noticed it until like 5, 10 minutes later,"

Davis was pulled from the bottom of the pool in the deep end and CPR was administered.

"They were unaware that she was missing. They were unaware that she was at the bottom of the pool," said Capt. Jonathan Jacobs with the Phoenix Fire Dept. "Immediately multiple people got into the pool. Got her out. You know started the 911 process, brought her out to the front. Some bystanders and some Phoenix police officers were rapidly on scene and began the CPR process

Phoenix Fire responded and transported Davis to a local hospital where she was pronounced deceased a little less than an hour later.

The brother said he was unsure if his sister knew how to swim.

"The pool is clean. There are barriers that are there. They're appropriately placed," said Capt. Jacobs. "But what didn't take place is again you know watching your children around water. Watching people. We have to have somebody that's diligent that they can't just be a partygoer or somebody that's interacting. They have to interact and take that time to make sure that they are just watching everybody. That they're accounting for everybody, where they're at as they go in and come out of the pool."