Energy-saving tips to prepare for triple digits

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By Christina O'Haver By Christina O'Haver

CHANDLER -- The higher temperatures mean a whole lot of people are going to be changing their thermostats, but the lower the number on that thermostat, the higher that energy bill can get.

However, there are ways you can save on your energy bill.

Aaron Bailey is from Utah and with two kids and a baby on the way, he knew he had to make his home comfortable and affordable.

"We are expecting our third baby on the way and so we're able to keep the house a little bit cooler for my wife," he said.

Bailey did some research before braving the Arizona heat.

He got a home energy audit and learned that the previous owner’s biggest bill was $655 in the middle of the summer.

Bailey decided to invest in making the home more energy efficient.

He had his air conditioning units serviced and air ducts sealed, and he bought dark screens for his windows.

"They lowered us from $300 a month to $125 a month," he said. "Big difference."

Bailey spent about $2,000 on the improvements.

“You really want to remember that your home can be a lot more comfortable if you make sure you do things to make it more energy efficient, and it will also save you a lot more money in the long run as well," said Kathleen Mascarenas with Salt River Project.

Another cost-saving tip includes keeping your thermostat at 80 degrees when you're home and up to 85 when you're away.

"If you set your thermostat at 80 degrees, for every degree over that you save 3 percent on your cooling costs," Mascarenas said.

You could also keep your window blinds closed to keep out the heat and use your ceiling fan to circulate air inside your home.

"I think the one thing that people don't know though is ceiling fans cool the body. They don't necessarily cool the room. So when you walk out of the room, it's a good idea to turn those ceiling fans off,” Mascarenas said.

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