Money-saving secrets from an NFL family determined to share their good fortune

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

PHOENIX -- While Arizona Cardinals kicker Jay Feely makes more than enough money to live quite comfortably, he and his wife, Rebecca, are very careful about what they spend and how they spend it.

Rebecca, for example, makes her own cleansers, and she loves shopping at Dollar Tree.

"My family teases me because I'll shop the same way I always have," she said.

Also the Feelys and their four children do not eat out much. Rebecca prefers to make meals that are not only tasty, but yield leftovers. She shares some of her recipes on her blog,

"I think we're meant to be frugal and we're meant to use the gifts that God gives us the right way," Feely said.

"I've taught my kids that ... you don't need to spend a lot of money on things. that's not where the value of something is," Rebecca said. "It's in being smart with your money, that gives us the opportunity to give more away."

The Feelys are active in several Valley charities and have made several trips to Haiti.

3TV's Tess Rafols sat down with the Feelys and even tagged along on a shopping trip.