Coupon-clipping tips help shoppers save cash

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX -- Clipping coupons isn't always fun. But if you do it right, you could save a bundle of money.

On Wednesday's Good Morning Arizona, Tess Rafols showed us some tips on clipping and using coupons. She got some great advice from coupon expert Mindy Villone.

"The number one tip is: wait for the sale, use the coupon, get the lowest price at the store," she advises. "You can double your coupons at Fry's Basha's and Safeway, and you can maximize your savings that way."

You can also use online tools like to track the sales

Mindy says she shops with a purpose, and sticks to her list and her coupons. Her goal is to stock up, so when she needs something, she can shop  from her pantry, not at the store when it's at the highest price.

"I subscribe to six Sunday papers," she says. "So if I have a really great buy, I'm going to buy six of those items."

Mindy's grandkids love to shop from her pantry. Scoring deals and saving money allows her to shop for three generations. And it's not just food. It's also toiletries like toothpaste. She even uses coupons to save big on diapers.