Family of alleged "Craigslist Killer" sits down with Dr. Phil

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX --  He first gained celebrity status through the Oprah Winfrey Show, but now he is a celebrity in his own right, tackling tough topics daily, and giving advice to millions of viewers.

On Good Morning Arizona, Dr. Phil McGraw talked to 3TV's Scott Pasmore about Monday's episode of the Dr. Phil show, which focuses on the so-called "Craigslist Killer."

"This is a tragically fascinating interview," Dr. Phil told Scott.

In an exclusive interview, Dr. Phil sits down with the mother and sister of alleged “Craigslist Killer” Miranda Barbour, who claims she has killed more than 22 people across the country since age 13. She also claims she was in a Satanic cult.

Dr. Phil addresses issues like whether her family believes she is a serial killer, and what things in Miranda’s past could have predicted her troubled future.

"It is shocking," he says. I can not tell you how differently these two see Miranda, see her childhood and see what went on in that home. Very different stories from these two."

Dr. Phil gave us his take on the case. "I personally don't believe that this woman has killed 22 people," he says. "Research has not turned up bodies that are unsolved crimes in any part part of the country that she's been in. Dates don't match up. But on the other hand, I have to tell you that it would be naive to think that we caught her the only time that she's 'aggressed' against anyone. While I do;t think she's killed 22 people, I think we have to do a lot of research and dig and see if there are any other victims out there."

You can watch the interview on Dr. Phil Monday at 3:00 pm, right here on 3TV.