Dr. Oz offers advice on boosting your metabolism

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX --  If it feels like your metabolism is slowing down, Dr. Oz has some help! He says there are several major ways to boost your metabolism, especially as you get older.

"When your metabolism slows, you need to maintain a little bit of that lean muscle you had when you were a kid,"  Dr. Mehmet Oz told Kaley O'Kelley on Monday's Good Morning Arizona.  "One thing you do is you work out, but you don't build up the lean muscle because you don't have the building blocks you need."

You can add amino acids to you diet to help build the lean muscle. Calcium is also a key component. "You need calcium to enable your cells to burn off fat stores," advises Dr. Oz. " Calcium found in Greek yogurt is a great source. But you don't absorb it that well. So if you add a little lemon juice to your Greek yogurt, the Vitamin C helps you absorb the calcium."

There's also the sage tea leaf, which can help boost metabolism. In addition, Dr. Oz likes something he calls a "sugar eraser."

"It's a white bean extract," he says."If you slip up and eat a doughnut or something, take the white bean extract. It will help slow down the absorption of the sugar so you won't get penalized quite as much."

Dr. Oz has a new magazine called "The Good Life." The first issue sold out! The second issue now addresses topics like how you know when food in your kitchen has gone bad. He also focuses on family, and forgiveness.

The Dr. Oz show airs right here on 3TV every evening at 8:00. On Monday's show he will discuss these mega-metabolism boosters.