Free shade trees offered to Valley residents

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX -- The summer heat is coming, and we'd all like to save some money on our A/C bills. One way to do that is to buy some shade trees for your yard, even though it can cost a bundle to buy mature trees.

But on Monday's Good Morning Arizona, Ryan O'Donnell found out how you can get two of them for free.

The "Tree People" (aka Valley Permaculture Alliance, or VPA) are giving away 2,000 shade trees between now and the end of June. They hope to give away 100K drought-tolerant trees over the next 10 years.

"We have a free shade tree program," says Jennifer Bonnett of the Valley Permaculture Alliance. "They can come out, take a workshop, learn about how to plant and how to take care of the trees. And at the end of the workshop they can go home with two new shade trees." 

Shade trees help reduce energy bills, create a better living environment and teach the community about living in the desert.

To be eligible, homeowners must complete an arborist-designed workshop that will tell them about drought-tolerant trees, how to plant them, where to plant them and how to care for them.

"They're fast-growing trees that can grow up, create shade for your home and reduce your electric bills," says Bonnett.

For more details on times, locations and to register, go to  or call 602-535-4635, Ext. 101.

Valley Permaculture Alliance is a non-profit educational organization, whose mission is to inspire sustainable living in the urban desert. Programs offered include tours of local sustainable homes, classes, hands-on training and event demonstration.