Neighbors describe what lead to Mesa K-9 stabbing, officer-involved shooting

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland
By Christina O'Haver By Christina O'Haver
By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland
By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland
By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

MESA, Ariz. -- A Mesa man was face-to-face with an armed man who was allegedly trying to break into his neighbor's house.

That suspect was later killed in an officer-involved shooting.

That neighbor who called 911 said he noticed something was wrong when he saw a cup outside his neighbor’s front door.

He said it was strange because he knew no one was home.

Antonio Ortega said he works for his neighbor and had just cleaned the yard.

That's when I realized something was strange.

"That cup had no reason to be there," Ortega said.

He walked over to the home.

"I realized somebody was there. I knew my boss wasn't home," Ortega said.

He said he noticed the door's lock was broken.

"He forced the door open with a tire iron," Ortega said. "He moved open the blinds on the window to see me and then he shut them.”

Ortega said he started walking away towards the mailbox when the suspect, Chad Bogle, opened the door.

"He pointed the gun at me through an opening in the door," Ortega said."He moved the gun like this telling me to move away and pointed the gun at me, and that's when I took cover behind the truck."

"That's when I called the police and they told me to take cover," Ortega continued. “I shouted at him to stay inside because the cops were coming for him.”

But Ortega said he wasn't expecting what happened next.

Bogle barricaded himself inside the home. The SWAT team was outside trying to get him out.

Sabina Perez said she lives three doors down and could hear the commotion.

"A lot of police and SWAT and everything," Perez said.

She said she could hear them talking to Bogle.

"Put your hands in the air, but he didn't obey,” Perez said. "They told him to get on the ground, but he didn't.”

Police said K-9 officer Jake bit Bogle, who then stabbed the dog several times, came outside and waved a gun at police.

"He just went inside, and then I heard some shooting going on," Perez said. "They were going to bring out a robot, but then they put it back inside because they found out that he was dead."

"It's sad," Ortega said.

Police said an officer did shoot at Bogle after they saw him waving a gun at police, but they are still investigating whether that shot killed him, or if Bogle shot himself.

As for Jake. he is recovering at home.