$10K in bicycles stolen from Ahwatukee garage

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By Christina O'Haver By Christina O'Haver

PHOENIX -- One night with the garage door up cost one Ahwatukee family $10,000 in bicycles.

Suzanne Tveit said she came home from an event, closed the garage door and went inside. It turns out she parked too far out of the garage and the door bounced back up, leaving the garage open all night.

"First thing we noticed was that three bikes were gone," she said. "The police have found my bike now but my husband's two very nice bikes are still missing."

Tveit's husband is an avid cyclist. He rides a $3,000 commuter 11 miles each way to work every day and a $6,000 racer on weekends. Both of his bikes were stolen along with Tveit's $2,000 bike.

Phoenix police say bike thefts are happening a lot.

"We've had anywhere from 15 to 20 of these different types of cases, predominantly in the Ahwatukee area," said Phoenix Police Sgt. Steve Martos.

A neighbor across the street from Tveit was almost a victim as well.

Tveit's bike turned up at a pawn shop and is now police evidence.

She said she now watches the garage door close behind her every single night.

"They could have walked in the house when we were sleeping so we actually heard nothing," Tveit said. "We were upstairs so yes, they could have gone in the house and ... helped themselves to more had they wanted to."

Tveit advises people to keep a record of the serial numbers for their bicycles.