Advertised prices for Easter products match at the register, state finds

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PHOENIX -- Consumers do not have to worry about paying unreasonably high prices for eggs and other merchandise this Easter.

Arizona Department of Weights and Measures inspectors visited 33 stores across the state and verified that advertised prices for Easter merchandise rang up at the same prices at the register.

The unannounced inspections found a 99 percent rating for compliance on Easter products, the department said in a statement. Only three of the 750 individual products scanned were priced higher than what was advertised, while 39 products were actually priced lower than advertised.

The department audited nearly 3,900 Easter products, including baskets, egg-decorating kits, Easter grass and chocolate bunnies.

"The statewide inspection results were welcome news for Arizona consumers this year," Arizona Weights and Measures Director Kevin Tyne said in a statement. "It's evident Arizona retailers are working hard to provide their customers with accurate prices, and are serious about ensuring a clear and concise pricing program in their stores."