DPS releases statistics on distracted driving

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PHOENIX -- After wrapping up its campaign to fight distracted driving, the Arizona Department of Public Safety has released statistics shedding light on the issue.

Data collected from Nov. 27 through April 1 showed that of the 10,166 crashes reported on state highways, 1,163, or 11.44 percent, of them were related to distracted driving.

Distracted driving crashes injured 380 people during that time period and killed 10, according to DPS.

While cellphone use accounted for 127 of the distracted driving crashes, it was not the leading cause. Distractions outside the vehicle reportedly caused 255 crashes and reaching for objects caused 130.

During the campaign from April 10 to 15, 29 of the 420 crashes on state highways were attributed to distracted driving. Outside distractions were again the leading cause at 24 percent, followed by cellphone use and occupant distraction.