Kids take stand against bullying with 'Bully Patrol Squad'

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX -- Some students at a Valley elementary school are doing their part to take a stand against bullying.

On Wednesday's Good Morning Arizona, Tess Rafols visited Cactus View Elementary, where students are going on "bully patrol."

The school resource officer, "Officer Jen," explained how the program started. "Last year, it was a 6th grade class I was teaching, and I had them come up with a list of things they could do to prevent bullying," she says. "A group of girls came up with the Bully Patrol Squad."

"We go out on the playground and we help the kids who are going through some bullying issues and problems," says Chloe, one of the original student members of the Bully Patrol Squad. "We help them and have fun with them and play games with them and make them feel great about themselves."

The several dozen members of the Bully Patrol Squad strive to make all kids feel involved and accepted.