Commuters hop on bicycles for 'Bike to Work Day' in Tempe

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX -- On Wednesday morning, commuters in Tempe left their car keys at home and hopped on their bikes for "Bike to Work Day."

Those who rode their bikes to work in Tempe were offered a free breakfast from Whole Foods and other local businesses.

"It's great exercise," one woman explains, when we asked why she bikes to work. "It's good for my health. It helps with the environment. It's good for everybody."

Bike to Work Day is a 20 year tradition in Tempe. "It's just about promoting bicycling in the community, as a way of commuting, especially as an alternative to driving a car," says Amanda Nelson of the City of Tempe.

Many cities welcome bikers. In fact, Tempe has some 170 miles of bike routes. And three percent of Tempe residents say they ride their bike to work every single day.

Whole Foods was not the only location to offer free goodies for cyclists.  IKEA, Back East Bagels, Berning's Fine Jewelry, and Wildflower Bread Company also gave out breakfast to bikers until 8:00 a.m. Wednesday.

One mom says she rides her bike to school with her daughter on a regular basis. "Getting in the car every day was a hassle, and it wasn't sending the right message to our family," she said. "So we made a little chart with a checklist: How did you get to school each day? Bike, walk or car?" If there are enough checks on bike or walk at the end of the month, there's a reward in store.

The Pedal Shop was also offering free tune-ups on bicycles. They advise always checking air in tires before riding, because tires can easily lose pressure when the bike is just sitting in your garage.