Earth Day Darlings: Companies That Go Green All Year Long

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Earth Day Darlings:  Companies That Go Green All Year Long
By:  Rachel Harris,

As I do every year, I celebrate Earth Day by highlighting cool products that are made by cool companies who go green every day and not just on Earth Day, which falls on April 22nd.  So if you’re looking to support companies that care about the environment, check out these Earth Day darlings…

Green Beauty Body Products

When it comes to body beauty products that we use daily, it makes sense to support companies that care about the environment as we make our beauty product purchasing decisions.  One company that leads the green effort is Weleda.  Not only is this line a 100% certified natural and 97% organic, but the packaging is recyclable and environmentally friendly.  The airless pump also increases stability for an extended shelf life without the use of chemical preservatives.  Plus the box that the bottle comes in is even labeled with an official seal that discloses that the container was made from responsible sources. 

Earth Friendly Hair Care Items

Paul Mitchell is already one of my favorite lines and when I learned that the line is supporting Reforest Action, which helps to plant thousands of trees, I promptly purchased a replacement bottle of my favorite Tea Tree Shampoo and Conditioner.  The Tea Tree variety utilizes natural tea tree oil, lavender and peppermint extracts to cleanse style and hydrate hair as well as invigorate the senses with the cool tea tree tingle that also seems to help clear the sinuses, too!  Prices for this line of hair care range from $5.98 to $19.50 at professional salons.  Visit for locations.  

Neuma provides healthy hair care products that are free of toxic ingredients and all products are made with vegan formulas that are free of synthetic fragrance, artificial dyes and more.  Furthermore the company uses 90% post consumer recycled HDPE bottles and they maintain a paperless operation using only 100% post-consumer recycled paper when absolutely necessary.  If you go to their website, they have an entire page about how they are green and how we all can be more environmentally friendly.  And the products are very nice like the neuVolume Surf Lotion which helps to achieve a healthy beach-inspired mane with waves.  With a water-soluble plant extract and essential oils formula, this spray is 99% natural and leaves hair with touchable texture, body and natural movement without over-drying.  Sells for $24 at select salons nationwide.  Visit to find a close location.

For the Face by Green Companies

I was happy to learn about a quality makeup line in my quest to find environmentally friendly cosmetic companies.  Paula’s Choice has a beautiful eye shadow palette called Nude Mattes and the colors are warm and welcoming.  When I visited the website to learn more about the products, I was pleased to find an entire page dedicated to being green.  85% of Paula’s Choice products are packaged in recyclable materials and their catalogs and step-by-step guides are made with recycled materials and printed with soy ink that bears the Forest Stewardship Council Seal.  Plus Paula’s Choice states that their office uses efficient lighting, avoids using wasteful items like paper plates, plastic utensils and that every employee has a recycle bin by their desk.  Every company should work in this manner.  The Paula’s Choice Nude Mattes eye shadow palette, which houses 12 shades, sells for $40 at

Clairvoyant Beauty is a line of unique beauty regimen items like the soothing Refreshing Cucumber Toner that keeps skin balanced with a blend of healing cucumber and firming aloe Vera juice.  I also like that this company uses recyclable packaging that is made from the Forest Stewardship Council paper and is produced in a wind-powered facility.  Clairvoyant Beauty products like the Refreshing Cucumber Toner ($24 for 6 fluid oz.) is sold at

Sinus & Allergy Relief Goes Green

Thank goodness cold and flu season is ending, but we do have a rough allergy season to contend with, so I was happy to discover Kneipp Herbal Bath Cold & Sinus Relief in Eucalyptus.   Not only is this amazing formula a natural decongestant made of natural essential oil, but the packaging comes in a glass bottle (so much better than plastic) and can be easily recycled, along with the exterior cardboard box.  Sells for $30 for a 6.76 oz. bottle at and at fine spas nationwide.

For Mom & Baby

Earth Sourced by Paula’s Choice works for both mom and baby’s delicate skin because the line offers some products that are 99% natural.  Use the Earth Sourced Perfectly Natural Cleansing Gel to remove Mom’s makeup and to also cleanse baby’s delicate skin.  I love products that multi-task and this line does it the green and good way.  All of these products are fragrance free, environmentally friendly and never tested on animals.  The Paula’s Choice Earth Sourced Perfectly Natural Cleansing Gel sells for $8.50 at

For the Nails

Just open a bottle of the beautiful Scotch Naturals nail polish line and you will immediately notice the welcome absence of the usually strong chemical odor associated with typical nail polish brands.  This is because Scotch Naturals is the premiere non-toxic and eco-friendly alternative for pretty polished pedis and manis.  Scotch Naturals does not contain any solvents, gluten, fragrance, parabens and is free of the usual chemicals found in nail polish like acetone and heavy metals.  The line is water based and also biodegradable.  Scotch also offers a soy polish remover that can remove both water-based and solvent-based polish safely and naturally.  A refreshing green nail polish line that sells for $15 a bottle or the Cocktail Trio for $48 (retail value $60) at

For Your On The Run Foods & Drinks

Water is essential all the time and especially when you are the on the run and forget to hydrate.  So check out the Klean Kanteen Vacuum Insulated BPA free cup that can be used for water, iced drinks and even hot food for up to 6 hours.  This container is also portable, reusable and recyclable.  This line sells at   

For Your Fashions

Look no further than local line, Lawless Denim to find a local company that makes green goods for you and your pet.  Lawless Denim, located in CityScape in downtown Phoenix makes customized denim and more to fit your exact measurements.  Plus they take all the left over fabric scraps and make them into paper that becomes the price tags on the clothing.  Lawless also makes customized leather wear and the leftover material from those pieces become dog leashes and collars, so there is minimal waste.  Great green ideas for sure!

For Your Pets

Not only is the John Masters Organics Pet Lemongrass & Flaxseed Pet Shampoo made with 12 certified organic ingredients, but a portion of the proceeds from the sale of this line go to assist animal shelters around the US.  I just love that!  This pet shampoo sells for $20 at

Home Supplies That Go Green

We all have to vacuum, so go for a vacuum cleaner that features green technology like the Soniclean VT Plus S-200 that uses 50% less electricity than the typical upright vacuum.  Since the vacuum uses a direct air system, it has a stronger suction and draws under five amps of power plus it emits a fresh laundry scent, which is handy in households with small children and pets.  Sells for $200 at, and Bed, Bath & Beyond stores nationwide.

Most of us have to iron at some point, so try the Rowenta Eco Intelligence Iron, which I’m told is the first energy saving iron in North America.  Since this iron is 25% more energy-efficient than typical irons, this is one way to be green while pressing your clothes.  The iron comes with three settings and the Eco position delivers optimal steam output while saving energy.  This iron sells for $150 at, Macy’s and Bed, Bath & Beyond.

What are your favorite green home and beauty products?  Tell us in the comments section and be sure to check out my blog at for more green news, recipes, pet stuff, parenting talk and more.  Happy Earth Day and make every day Earth Day.