Posse member wounded in robbery improving

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By Christina O'Haver By Christina O'Haver

PHOENIX (AP) -- A Maricopa County sheriff's posse member who was shot by an armed robbery suspect in late December is still hospitalized, but his condition is improving.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio visited Friday with posse member Phillip Grigg at a Scottsdale hospital and says Grigg is optimistic about his recovery.

Authorities say Grigg and a Phoenix police officer were shot on Dec. 31 by a man who had crashed into Grigg's truck as the suspect fled a robbery.

Two people are accused of carrying out the robbery of $18,000 from two strip-club employees outside a restaurant.

Grigg was off duty at the time and assisted the Phoenix officer after the crash.

Investigators say one robber wrestled away the officer's gun and shot the officer and Grigg before fleeing.

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