Man with a foot fetish targeting Arizona real estate agents

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland
By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland
By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland
By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland
By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

PHOENIX -- Real estate agents all across the Valley are on alert because of a man with a "foot fetish."

"I received a text message from him that said, ‘I am looking to buy a home,’" said Hope Salas, who works for DPR Realty. "I responded and asked basic buyer questions, but he never really responded to my questions."

Typically clients want to know what is on the market but instead, according to Salas, this client who is a self-proclaimed reflexologist, was more interested in what was on her feet. "One text message said, ‘I have mostly female clients who wear heels.’ The very last one asked if I wore heels often," explained Salas, who never responded.

The two never met in person and the conversation stopped after he referred to her that night as "Hun."

Salas saved the string of text messages she received last week.

Later, she was stunned to learn she’s not the only female real estate agent this man has been contacting. In the past few months, between 30 and 40 other agents from Glendale to Gilbert have also been hit on by the creepy guy who calls himself "Anthony" and purports to be a cash buyer.

It has become a serious topic addressed in a real estate forum on Facebook.

Carolyn Knight with Realty One Group told 3TV that the guy seemed pretty normal at first, but that changed quickly when he began to inquire about her feet.

"He texted again and says, ‘I do reflexology,’ and asks, ‘Do your feet hurt?’" Knight says she told him her feet hurt all the time. "He says ‘Do you wear heels?’ I said, 'No, because my feet hurt all the time.' Then he said, ‘What are you doing this weekend?’" That’s when Knight says her husband grabbed the phone and demanded the relationship stay professional. She never heard from the man again.

A number of real estate agents have called and reported the man to police but were told he hasn’t broken any laws. The Arizona Association of Realtors, however, has put out an alert to all of its members to be aware.

3TV is not aware of any Realtors meeting with this man face to face but many fear it could easily happen.

"When you are first in the business, you are eager to make that deal, so I can see that happening," Knight, who has a decade of experience, said.

Salas saved the text messages as a reminder of the potential dangers she faces in her job.

"We are always meeting with complete strangers, and we put them in our cars for hours on end sometimes," she said. "We take them into properties that are unfamiliar, and oftentimes they are vacant. You very much have to trust your instincts and intuition, and make sure your team knows who you are with and where you are going. If something feels off, remember no sale is worth it."

3TV tried to contact "Anthony," but he did not respond to the voice mail we left for him.