Sick & Maybe Contagious: What do you do?

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Mom Squad - "Sick & Maybe Contagious: What do you do?"

Candid Responses

Author: Beth

Your kid is a little hot or coughing or their nose is running.  Do you give them some Tylenol and send them to school? 

  • Well, my kids really don’t seem to get sick too often, so I do tend to trust them if they say they are feeling too crummy to go to school. I can usually tell if they are making it up or being dramatic about a little stomach ache in the morning. In those situations, I will send them to school and give them the option to call me from the nurse if they really are feeling bad.

What do you do if you feel like you’re getting sick but you can’t miss work or you have an important appointment? 

  • Again, I honestly don’t get sick too often either. Being a stay at home mom, my important appointments consist of dentist or doctor visits, so I will usually reschedule those rather than go to them miserable.

What are your requirements to keep the kids home from school or call in sick to work?

  • Well, if they have a fever or stomach issues that would be really difficult and distracting to deal with at school, I’ll keep them home. In those situations, I honestly try to put myself in their place and imagine how I would feel at school feeling terrible. They are all at ages where school is hard enough on its own without adding sickness to their day. Also, if they really are going through the trouble of convincing me that they are truly sick when they’re not, then maybe they need a personal day, which we can all use every once in a while.

How do you handle it when a co-worker or other kids at school go in when they are clearly sick?

  • My first reaction is that it’s pretty inconsiderate of the other kids and parents, but I definitely understand. It’s really easy for me to keep a kid or kids home from school because I’m home, I couldn’t imagine having to deal with that if I was working. As parents, we do what we have to do, I’m not going to judge anyone too harshly in that situation.

Author: Suzy

This is such a huge topic for me! I would say first with the runny nose, cough, etc., that is a tough call, but as a parent you SHOULD know when your kids are too sick to go to school. If it is a cold, and a mild one at that, you really can't keep your kids home from school for days because unfortunately, colds can last for longer then a week or two and coughs can last 4 weeks plus. With the help of my favorite cough medicine, Delsym, and some help from cough and cold products you can help control the cold to an extent. And of course going through the...wash your hands, use Kleenex and cough in your elbow talk, comes in play too. But, take for example, I took Natalia into urgent care after school on Thursday. She was diagnosed with an ear infection and tonsillitis. Now, the doctor said she can return to school. She was fever free & full of energy. She woke up in the morning, runny nose and coughing. And even though she was fever free, full of energy and her class was already exposed to it, I kept her home for two reasons. She hadn't been on antibiotics for 48 hours and she was coughing and had a runny nose. I could have gave her cold medicine, etc., especially because it was a half day, but as a parent, there just comes a point when you need to think of your child's well being. Yes, as adults we can handle it, but kids are different. No one likes to miss work either, including me and I think that's a big part of kids going to school sick too. People are afraid of getting in trouble, losing their jobs, etc., but if you send your kids to school sick your only going to lose in the end. You may have missed one day of work, but now your child is sicker, probably advanced on what could have been a mild diagnosis and now your out of work a questionable amount of days.

Now, the next topic, going to work sick or people coming in sick...Now, I've gone into work with a mild cough myself and there is nothing can do about it, but suck on cough drops and take medicine, but if your highly contagious, PLEASE STAY HOME!! I will never understand why people come into work contagious. There's a difference if you think you have allergies and come to find out, it's not, but if you were at the doctor, diagnosed with something contagious, that's a no brainer. I missed a week of work about three wks ago because I lost my voice, thought it was just a bad cold, finally went to the doctor and it ended up being bronchitis. Being a single mom, working, running around, etc, does not help when I don't feel 100%, but I try to push through it.

Author: Hilary

Your kid is a little hot or coughing or their nose is running. Do you give them some Tylenol and send them to school? 

  • No, this is my biggest pet peeve. I hate when parents do this. If you have to give them meds then this means they are sick....KEEP THEM HOME!

What do you do if you feel like you’re getting sick but you can’t miss work or you have an important appointment? 

  • If I'm contagious I don't go and neither do my kids.