Car vandals strike in North Phoenix

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX -- Car vandals are hitting north Phoenix, and that has residents in the area of I-17 and Happy Valley Road very concerned.

"I woke up to my car being all bashed in," says victim Debbie Vidrine. "The window was all on the ground. It was just a mess."

Police say a number of people in the area have been hit.

"It destroys me," says Vidrine. "It takes time to have to go through everything, to go through the insurance claims. It is heartbreaking."

"When someone vandalizes the things you work hard for, what does that do to you?" says victim Brandi Hannah. "Makes you a little sick in the stomach, especially when you're in a really nice neighborhood." Hannah says she has started parking her car in the garage.

Police say the vandals are likely using a pellet or BB gun to do the vandalism. So far, the suspects have hit about 50 cars.

Given the amount of damage, and the cost to fix it, whoever is responsible could face felony charges and prison time. Unfortunately,police don't have any solid physical or vehicle descriptions of the suspects,