Cross-country run to support veterans takes California activist through Arizona this week

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland
By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland
By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland
By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

Anna Runs America

PHOENIX -- A California activist is passing through Arizona on her cross-country run from the Venice Beach Pier in West Covina, Calif. to Washington Square Park in New York City.

Anna Judd started two weeks ago. With the goal of raising awareness about the difficulties and challenges veterans face, she plans to run an average of 40 miles a day, six days a week for the next three-plus months. By the time she's finished, she will have been on the road for about 100 days and made 97 stops.

She was heading into Buckeye this morning and will be back on the road Friday. Based on her schedule, she'll pass through Phoenix, Superior, San Carlos, Fort Thomas and Solomon over the next several days before crossing into New Mexico.

Although they are a bit behind schedule right now, Robot told us that Judd is in good spirits and doing great. Judd and Robot hope to reach their destination in New York in late June.

Judd, 29, is not making the 3,200-mile journey alone. Jamie "Robot" Mofield, Judd's support team of one, is with her every step of the way. Together they rally groups of civilians and vets to join Judd for a couple of miles along the route.

In addition to raising awareness about the issues veterans face after their service, Judd also is raising money for Team Red, White and Blue (RWB), an organization dedicated to connecting vets to their communities through physical and social activity.

She's also supporting the Wounded Warrior Project, which was started to engage the public in helping meet the needs of our wounded vets and to create a way for wounded service members to help each other.

"I recognize great nobility in the sacrifices veterans have made, and I am inspired by their courage," she wrote on her website "They are very brave men and women who are deserving of recognition.

"This run is about pushing myself to cultivate true compassion for a valiant group of people who I'm trying very hard to understand, she continues. "I want to inspire people to know that anything is possible. ... I'm not running America with my feet. I'm running America with my heart."

Judd is broadcasting her journey love via the Hang w/ mobile app and posting updates on Twitter under the @RunAnnaRun2014 handle.