Author, life coach helps people beat 'if only' syndrome with new book

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

PHOENIX -- Author and life coach Vanessa Horn has worked with some 7,000 women to help them "get what they want" in life and business. Her tips might be the secret to success you're looking for.

3TV's Gina Maravilla talked to Horn about her new book, "I'll Have What She's Having."

"If only" syndrome top five

If only...

  1. ... I were more beautiful.
  2. ... I had a better body.
  3. ... I had a man.
  4. ... I had more money.
  5. ... I were more successful.

"All of those things are conditional happiness," Horn explained. "They're saying, 'This has to be in existence before I'll experience the fullness of life that I really want.' That is unnecessary."

Horn says her WANT formula is designed to combat "if only" syndrome.

WANT formula to determine what you really want ... and get it

  • Worthiness -- Believing your own deservedness is the beginning to creating the life you want.
  • Act as IF - Our Founding Fathers were wrong. They said we have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Pursuit has an underlying belief that happiness is a future state. If it had been the founding mothers, they would have said, "Girlfriend, let's be happy now!" And we can be.
  • Never compare
  • True -- Be true to yourself.