Local competitive tree climber hopes to become best in nation

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX -- If your kids like to climb trees, there could be a professional job for them in the future, and possibly, some national recognition!

Welcome to the world of competitive tree climbing. Ryan O'Donnell took to the trees Tuesday morning with one local tree climber who's trying to become the fastest climber in the nation.

This weekend, Pasadena, Calif. plays host to the 2014 North American Tree Climbing Championships (NATCC).  Top professional tree climbers from the U.S. and Canada will demonstrate their skills and expertise in the branches. 

Competitors include our guest, local climber Dan Stevens.  He talked to Ryan about how he got into competitive tree climbing. "I started about 13 years ago," says Stevens. "My former boss introduced me to it. I've been doing tree climbing competitions since 2002, and pretty much every year since."

Tree climbing competitions reproduce the real-life working conditions of arborists in the field. A climber is timed on the ability to safely maneuver in a tree while performing work-related tasks. NATCC winners will go on to represent North America at the International Tree Climbing Championships (ITCC), set for August 2014 in Milwaukee.

Learn more about Dan and his tree climbing competitions online.