3OYS: Mesa woman's bungled 'bundled' deal

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

MESA, Ariz. -- A Valley woman says her Internet provider convinced her to bundle her services, but she's not getting the bundled price.

Melody Schnieder enjoys her grand-kids and says when she's not doing something with them, they're usually on the Internet. "My kids come over and they use it," she says. "My grandchildren use it. It's almost like the TV."

But, Melody says the Internet isn't just for entertainment. "I do online stuff, I do all my banking, I pay my bills," she says.

As important as the Internet is, Melody started looking for ways to cut down on her Internet bill. So, she called up her current Internet provider, CenturyLink, and she says they offered her a pretty good deal, but only she bundled it with her TV bill.

"If I put my Direct TV and bill together then it would end up being $25.94 a month," she says.  That's a big savings from her current $71 bill, so she took the deal. However, that so-called deal, turned out to be no deal at all.

"They kept charging me and charging me the same amount," she says. Months went by and Melody was still being charged her regular rate, without that big discount that she was promised.

"Every time I talked to somebody, they would say that they could help me and then nothing would happen," she says.

Melody says CenturyLink finally acknowledged they owed her around $275 for the months of over-payments, but getting that money is like pulling teeth.

"I'm on a limited income so I can't afford $275 dollars to give to a company that doesn't need $275 of my money," she says.

3 On Your Side got involved, and after looking into the matter, CenturyLink apologized and said the $275 refund unfortunately fell through the cracks.

And to show us just how passionate they are about their customers like Melody, they not only refunded her money but threw in an extra $75 for a total refund of $350.