3OYS: Dry cleaning company takes money and closes business

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX -- In order for Susan Gonzales to keep her clothes looking crisp, she relies on dry cleaning.  "I took 19 pieces of clothing; they were all pant suits or skirt suits," she says.

The suits were taken to Mirage II cleaners in Avondale, where Susan pre-paid $48 for the cleaning. But when she returned days later to pick up her clothes she got an unwelcome surpise. "My husband went on Friday and when he went the place was closed," she says. "So he called me at work and said, guess what, the place is closed. What do you mean the place is closed ? He said, the place is closed! He said there are no clothes! I said, what!" she says.

Susan says the missing clothing was worth a few thousand dollars. However, no one seemed to know where the business or Susan’s clothes went. The only thing left was a notice left hanging on the door by the landlord. "We called the landlord," Susan tells us. "He said they owed him a lot of money; he knew nothing. Everything was out of there when he went there."

3 On Your Side poked around and started asking questions, and that's when one of my producers was able to find a guy with the management company. That man claims he found three containers full of dry cleaning. And it turns out that some of those containers held not only Susan’s missing clothes, but clothes belonging to other customers as well.

We were able to get those clothes back to Susan. She was thrilled, because she says professional clothes are pricey.  "They'd probably cost me close to $2,500 if I had to replace them," she says.