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Mom Squad - Self Defense

Author: Suzy

Safety is a HUGE part of my life. I have worked in jobs where I have actually been followed home when I was younger from work. It was one of the most scariest things in my life. Since then I have learned to watch for certain things and take certain precautions whether I'm alone or with my children. I do carry pepper spray/mace. I park under VERY bright lights at night whether it's at the store, the gym or work even. I always look around me when I'm  exiting my vehicle in the rear view mirror and side mirrors. If there's an option to walk with someone out to my car, I take it. The parking lot can be one of the easiest targets for a predator. I've learned to ALWAYS have my keys out before I leave to my car too. I will carry them between my fingers with the key pointing straight out. I learned this as a self defense technique. You can easily stab someone with the key if attacked suddenly. Striking someone in the throat is also a great defense. Also, don't dig through your purse as your walking. Your head is down, easy target! Lock your door immediately behind you after you get in, don't count money in the car, etc. Another self defense technique was one I learned for in the home, a rock in panty-hose. Panty-hose don't break, so you can swing it as hard as you can and actually knock someone out. I learned this from a police officer if your looking for a tool without having a gun. The world is a scary place at times. Teach your children, girls and boys to be aware too. It can happen at any age!!!!

Author: Laura

I carry pepper spray on my keychain and always check around my car before getting in, as well as looking in the back seats. I am signed up for a self defense class at the end of March and have practiced some offensive/defensive moves with my hubby and wrestler of a son.
There is an excellent book called The Gift of Fear, by Gavin Debecker. He talks about the value of our gut feelings and instincts and how humans are the only mammals that talk themselves out of their instinct for fight vs. flight when they subconsciously sense danger of an attack of some kind. I read that book over a decade ago, and still reflect on some of the principles reminding us to react when we inexplicably feel something uncomfortable.

Author: Krissy

Do I carry a stun gun, pepper spray, mace?  Heck yes and I dont make a secret of it. I carry a stun gun in my purse. I have a stun gun & pepper spray in my house and I keep pepper spray at my business. I make sure its visible when I am locking up, etc. Who knows if it works, right? Ive never tazed anyone.... so far no volunteers.

Have I taken any self defense classes? NO classes. All I know is what I have researched. The Gift of Fear is a GREAT BOOK that I think every woman should read. It basically states that your instincts are there to protect you and that women often put themselves in danger rather than be percieved as rude.... I ask myself from time to time, if someone grabbed me what would I do?
...that's why, when I'm alone at night, I keep the stun gun in my hand at the ready so I'm not fishing around in my purse for it!