Fast food swaps: bringing in healthier choices

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX  -- Most moms struggle to find a balance between giving kids the foods they like, and the foods that are healthy.

But there is a happy medium.  You can swap out some junk foods with healthier grub, and kids won't even notice what's missing, according to Jolene Coring of Trivita Wellness Center.

She tipped us off about black bean brownies. "I think the kids are going to like these even more than regular brownies," she says.

The key ingredient in the brownies is black beans. "You can actually substitute beans for flour in any type of recipe," says Coring. "One cup of beans for one cup of flour, You get more protein, more fiber, no gluten."

The recipe also calls for extra-virgin coconut oil, dark chocolate chips, almond butter , and you can also use dates instead of sugar. It's also good to use organic eggs.

Instead of regular pizza, why not try a cauliflower pizza crust? It's easy to make an only has three ingredients. "It contains cauliflower, eggs, and your choice of flour," says Coring. "All you do is mix them up in a blender and put them in a pizza crust." The crust is gluten-free as well.

She also suggested the creative carrot hot dog!. "The key is to roast them for a really long time," she says.