Family claims landlord is retaliating for bringing 3TV to complex

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

MESA, Ariz. --  A Mesa family claims their landlord began threatening them and trying to evict them, after they called 3TV to report a problem at their apartment complex.

Brandon Bohm showed a 3TV crew a huge hive of bees living in the roof above his apartment on Friday. He reached out to the newsroom, saying the landlord was not doing enough to remove the problem. The landlord confronted a 3TV photographer, knocking him to the ground.

Following the incident, Bohm says the landlords repeatedly told him to move out. "They came three times, and told us to get out," he said. "Again this morning, she came and said, "Checkout is tomorrow.' Nothing written. All verbal," he said.

Landlord-tenant rights experts say it appears the landlord is violating state statute. "The landlord told the tenant to get out? For reporting a problem? That's retaliation," said Ken Volk, who runs Arizona Tenants' Advocates. "Just the threat of eviction is enough for the tenant to have grounds for a claim for damages against the landlord," he added.

Volk's advice to the tenants is to stay put. Bohm says he has no choice. They paid for the month in full, according to him, and do not have the cash to move. He says he is considering taking legal action against the landlords of the Miles Motel.