Kids Birthday Parties on a Budget!

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Mom Squad - Kids Birthday Parties on a Budget


Author: Krissy

When we give gifts to friends I give Zoe a budget (usually in the $10- $15 range) and let her select the gifts she will give with that budget.

I keep a standing supply of wrapping and gift bags, and even some small gifts on hand for short notice b-days.

We try to make handmade whenever we can. My sister has her own clothing line, so Zoe and her cousin both wore Frozen dresses made by my sister's handmade clothing line. 

Author: Marti

Pre-teen/Teen Fear Factor Party

  • Pie pan with whipped cream and gummyworms, boogers and zits (grossed us all out finding them at the Dollar Store)
  • Shot glass with 3 clams/oysters and juice
  • Bobbing for pigs feet, pigs tails and cow tongue, chicken hearts

Each game earns points. Whoever earns the most points at the end wins a prize.
Rules of the game: no one will be forced to particpate in any of the games. Everyone must have fun!
Parents were informed beforehand. They were asked if thier child had any allergies and they were told that their clothes could get dirty.  All parents were fine and many asked to stay and watch.
Princess Tea Party:

  • Used nice china (cups with saucers) and served punch and lemonade, tea sandwiches prepared. Wear your princess attire.
  • Create a large dice with princess markings on each side. Any size SQUARE box works fine. Each marking on the box will be the prizes the Princesses can take with them. Examples of a prize: bead necklace, bracelet,rings,lip balm, feather boa, or wand (Dollar store or Oriental Trading).
  • You decide how many turns they can have. Make sure birthday girl has a special and nicer tiara than guests. 

Other ideas:
Engish muffin pizzas - multiple toppings available, make your own
Banana dipping - into chocolate sauce, caramel, whipped cream, nuts, sprinkles
Shaving cream fights at park, wear bathing suits (boys love this one)
Treasure Hunt around familiar neighborhood
Budget depends on friend's party or friends and family.

Author: Beth

I’m not the greatest at saving money…but gift cards are always fabulous for saving time, lol! I’ve found that now that the kids are older, their friends really appreciate the gift card more than ever. My 5 year old is our youngest, so we can’t really give gift cards for that age, (no fun!), so we try to shop the toy sales at Target. There is usually an aisle of great clearance toys to choose from.

I threw a creative birthday party for our son Jackson when he turned eight that turned out to be cost effective and fun! We made it a “camping” party where we set up a huge tent out back for the boys and had a sleepover. We ended up making marshmallow shooters with pvc pipes for party favors, and the boys loved them.