Valley businesses preparing for 2015 Super Bowl

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By Matthew Seeman By Matthew Seeman
By Matthew Seeman By Matthew Seeman
By Matthew Seeman By Matthew Seeman
By Matthew Seeman By Matthew Seeman
By Matthew Seeman By Matthew Seeman

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- When the Super Bowl comes to town in February next year, it will bring with it about $500 million in economic impact.

Although the big game is about a year away, local businesses are already planning ways to make the most of the it.

The Arizona Super Bowl Host Committee's Business Connect program will give Valley businesses a chance to cash in on their home field advantage. The committee’s website gives businesses a chance to network with potential clients and partners.

Chef Julia Aldana, owner of the All About Catering Company, is already thinking about football season and the Super Bowl, even though it’s still wedding season. She said anything a vendor needs will be on the website.

"It literally is a year’s worth of preparation," Aldana said. "And the closer it gets, it just speeds up."

All About Catering had tens of thousands of dollars in contracts the last time the Super Bowl was in Glendale in 2008, and she credits a similar program for that success.

"You just have to keep moving and not get too starstruck when you see these people come through on the red carpet," Aldana said. "You still have to do your job, and then afterwards you do a dance and pass out."

She also built up contacts and a reputation she was able to rely on well after the game ended.

"The PR for it is the most valuable thing," Aldana said. "It’s not so much the revenue or the gross profits. It’s more the PR. It puts you on the map."

If you want to walk away a winner on Super Bowl Sunday, you have to have a good game plan, she added.

"Revamp your websites, get your menus together, get your services together, get your contact names," Aldana advised. "Know if you need 10 extra staff members, know where to get them, know what your capabilities are, or where you can be and where you can go, and plan for that."